Keep It Simple (K.I.S.) Labs believes that you must be the change you want to see in the world. We aim to provide products that are focused on being delicious and promote a balanced nutritious diet, while also caring about our future and the environment. 

    We make products that you can't get enough of (that’s the point). You will be looking for your next jar when you get a taste of this. The richness of cocoa powder, the creaminess of cashews with the slightest sweetness of organic agave syrup, all chased with a pleasant pinch of salt. Get your hands on The Better Nut Butter at www.kis-labs.com/shop.

    Promoting Balanced Nutrition
    Part of a diet that promotes a healthy body and mind is managing fat intake, specifically the ratio of the different types of fatty acids. Lipids (fat) can be categorised into trans fat, saturated and unsaturated, and can be mono- or polyunsaturated fats. The generally 'classified good’ fats are the mono and polyunsaturated fats (e.g. omega 3s & omega 6’s). The Better Nut Butter at KIS Labs (www.kis-labs.com/shop) is predominantly monounsaturated fatty acids (cashews, macadamias) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (walnuts). The organic agave syrup is low GI, and contains no refined sugars.

    We focus on using minimal and alternative processing methods, such as the cold pressing technique used make our walnut oil ingredient as important nutrients are heat sensitive and can be broken down in high temperature manufacturing.

    Our Future & The Environment
    The packaging used in both manufacturing and shipping is consciously chosen with environmental impact in mind. This includes fully recyclable labelling, reusable glass jars with a firm metal lid. The boxes used in shipping are cardboard and the wrap used to protect the jar is compostable and recyclable. The ingredient used in this product are primarily organic and sourced with sustainability in mind.

    At KIS Labs, 5% of profits annually are given to charity. These charities are focused on eating disorder support, addressing food supply, global famine. The Better Nut Butter by KIS Labs is available at www.kis-labs.com/shop or follow the bio on instagram @keepitsimple_labs.